Fields of application

Oil workers and pipelines







Fields of Application:

  • Engineering (plant construction)
  • Our engineering services include:
  • Basic engineering of thermal plants, processes and facilities
  • Balance Calculations of thermal plants
  • Design and calculation of individual plant parts
  • Coordination and monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Owners Consultant
  • Owners Engineer
  • Assistance in preparation and evaluation of offers

Our approach, which is simulation based engineering, enables us to offer our clients a wider range of services compared to rival businesses.

We provide the engineering services which are specially needed when implementing thermal storage systems:

Assisting in the selection of the heat storage media (e.g.: depending on planned operating temperatures, etc.)

Planning and consulting regarding the configuration of the thermal storage system

Basic engineering and designing of the thermal storage system

Mass and energy balance calculations

Development of concepts for the integration of thermal storage systems into existing plants or facilities (e.g. hydraulic circuit)

Analysis of the dynamic of charging and discharging of the thermal storage system and of changeover procedures

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