Automotive and Transport

Working together

Concerning automotive and transport, we come in where others are lost. We offer special development- and simulation services around the subject area of thermo dynamics. Our clients are provided with solutions at the highest technological stage. Following are a few areas of where our competences can be applied:

• Thermo management
• Coolers
• (Thermal) Energy storage for e-mobility
• Engine components (EGR, oil separator, exhaust gas system)
• Emission control (SCR, etc.)
• And many more


We provide models and simulations in order to further improve products together with our clients. In addition, we are capable of stepping into the line of development and assuming developmental responsibility.
As part of an informational meeting, you can come to know us and assure yourself of our professionalism and Expertise.

For more information feel free to contact us (Contact,, +43 7674 206 360).