Process Industry

The term Process Industry covers a wide array of productive industrial plants. What we mean by it is:
• Pulp and paper industry
• Glas industry
• Productive industry including thermal processes
• Delivery and processing of fossil fuels (refineries)
• Industrial furnaces
• etc.

We can provide customized solutions and expertise for all the industrial branches mentioned above. Our approach, which is result- and target-oriented, using simulation based engineering and our broad knowledge, allows us to offer simulations and models even for very specific processes and thermo-chemical conversions. Possible applications are:
• Production of sulphuric acid: combustion of sulphur with air
• Ammoniac process: analysis of polyphase systems in so called Carbamate Condensers
• Mono-sewage sludge incineration
• Gasification of fuels
• Flue gas cleaning and recovering reusable materials
• and many more – there nearly is no limit to the list…

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