Our daily work is thermodynamics and the application of methods of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Our products are therefore always linked to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, but cover the entire development, from validation of an idea to development of a prototype as well as troubleshooting during the initial and commissioning phase. The tools we use include pencil and paper, classic office tools and complex expert Tools.Busy architects

The portfolio of ENRAG GmbH includes consulting in the field of heat engineering and process engineering, environmental engineering processes and systems as well as the planning, design and verification of power plant processes. Typical applications include:

  • Mechanical flow optimization through fluid dynamics (CFD) in all areas
  • Optimization of thermal components, process engineering and environmental plants (computational fluid dynamics – CFD simulation, process simulation, power plant simulation)combust2
  • Process optimization through modeling and simulation (CFD simulation, cycle calculation, process simulation, power plant simulation)
  • Process design and verification of power plant components
  • Development, design and basic engineering of thermal storage systems
  • Basic engineering and control calculation of power plant processes as well engineeringas individual components
  • Heat balance calculations
  • Power plant simulation (steady or transient)
  • Opinions and studies
  • Concept studies
  • Assessment on the efficiency of thermal process installations
  • advice after damage Oil workers and pipelines
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market Analysis


Working together










These services can be provided for example in context of:

  • Planning and construction of power plants or other energy, process and environmental applications and facilities
  • Expansion and reconstruction periods of power plants
  • Integration of waste heat recovery systems in industrial processes and facilities
  • Studies and reports concerning the possibilities of increasing energy efficiency in industrial processes and facilities
  • Expert reports or studies of fluid mechanical problems in all areas of technology
  • Troubleshooting and optimization of thermal processes in power plants and industrial facilities.
  • Expert Reports

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