Industry 4.0

Our simulations and models are often used by our customers for constructions (process engineering parametrization of CAD systems) and control (cyber physical systems). These are classic “industry 4.0” themes.

Industry 4.0 is a complex term for an industrial revolution which is happening now. Industry 4.0 is often equalized with IoT (Internet of Things). This is certainly part of industry 4.0, but connecting existing automatizations with the internet is not yet an industrial revolution. From our point of view, the core of industry 4.0 is the complete digitalization of product and process development, starting with the idea, project planning, CAD Construction till automatization and maintenance. The basis for this step are so called CPS (Cyber physical systems).

This core of the digital revolution in industrial processes is always a plausible, reliable and efficient model (CPS). Our core competence is to structure these models and to implement them into a common programming language.

The fields of application for good and comprehensive cyber physical systems (CPS) are:

        Project planning: On basis of our tailor-made CPS, the project engineer develops a solution for (potential) customers quickly and easily.

       Parameterized CAD construction: Based on the configured solution from the project engineer, the CPS already provides parameterized 3D CAD Geometries that help designers save time in designing complex solutions.

       Automation: The same “core” which provides the basis for configuration and parameterized CAD construction is also the core for automation in the plant. Regulation is no longer (only) based on just measured process parameters, but the CPS also provides for the regulation the current state of the entire plant /process on basis of model calculations. Therefore the plant can be operated in a more “forward looking” way in all parts.

       Condition-oriented maintenance: Maintenance can be operated “condition-oriented” by using CPS in the course of industry 4.0. If I know the entire state of the system at any time, I can look at the history of each individual component in any dimension (temperature, pressure, drive,…) and so I know the condition of each component at any time.

       Rebuilding and improvement on the production processes: If changes occur regarding the plant operation (change inputs, modified auxiliary substance), or increases in performance, on basis of CPS the effects on the process can be investigated easily.




The fields of application and scope of application are manifold, and can hardly be limited. Almost every industry will be effected by industry 4.0.

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