Process or Power Plant Simulation

Process simulation allows the design of a particular components as well as the process as a whole. Various points of operation (load cases) can be illustrated and analyzed.

Process simulation is a versatile tool which can be applied in the following areas, e.g.:

Heat and mass balancing of power plants (biomass, concentrated solar power (CSP), waste incineration, combined cycle power plants, coal power plants, etc.)

Analysis of individual plant componentsHRSG-pic2

Simulation of industrial processes

Modeling and simulation of thermal industrial processes and applications

Dynamic analysis of transient processes (e.g.: steam generators, etc.)

Using process simulations, plants can be represented through closed mass and energy balances. It is possible to analyze the (full- and part load) performance of plants as well as the influence of particular components on the whole system already during the basic engineering stage. Therefore, the constructive design of particular plant components can be implemented or improved based on the results of these simulations.

Process and power plant simulation can also be used to optimize processes and plants during operation. Modeling and simulation can replace cost intensive and time consuming trial and error, because with the help of a model, various influences on the performance can be analyzed.

The modeling work for the application of process and power plant simulation requires comprehensive basic knowledge of thermodynamics and energy systems as well as expertise regarding the models of every individual component.

ENRAG provides this know-how and is therefore able offer process and power plant simulation at the highest level.



The primary tool we use is IPSEpro ( IPSEpro is an intuitive program that  allows the development of new components. We offer our customers and users IPSEpro with our engineering Services to map their processes and systems in IPSEpro.Dampfturbine in IPSEpro

Steam turbine in IPSEpro

Vormwärmer in IPSEpro




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