Software development

Special industrial branches and processes require special tools. Often, these requirements cannot be covered by commercially available tools. This is why we offer our clients the design and development of tools which are customized to their specific needs. We develop the Software on our customer´s preferred platform.Looking at difficult complex equation



CFD -Add-Ons

We create add-ons for commercial CFD tools (ANSYS Fluent udf). Not all problems can be modeled “out of the box” in commercial CFD systems. We offer our customers special solutions where Commercial tools reach their limits.

MS-Excel Applications

Many companies want to use solutionson commonly available platforms. With the VBA programming MS Excel offers an excellent Environment to thermodynamic process modeling. Over the last years we developed a wide variety of complex industrial process models (fluid flow, material conversion, heat transfer) in MS Excel.


One of our core competencies is the development of new components in IPSEpro. IPSEpro as user tool enables us to adapt all existing components as well as to develop new components. If you want to display your process in detail with IPSEpro we provide you support for the development of specific components.

Your advantage is the full transparency of our work. We provide our code to you completely. So you can continue or adjust your individual Points.Writing complicated math equation on virtual board







For more information feel free to contact us (Contact,, +43 7674 206 360).