Thermal Turbomachinery

AeroDesignWoaero_logo_webrks GmbH develops and optimizes turbomachinery and fluid mechanical systems – custom specific, effective, solution oriented.

This challenging work is set on high quality service and close customer retention. Creativity, motivation and theoretical knowledge of our staff are the basics for a success-oriented and faithful cooperation.

Our service portfolio covers the following:

  1. Turbo-machinery aerodynamics
Einlauf Verdichterströmung

Flow Situation in the inlet area and the compressor of a small helicopter drone


Strömung im Drallregler eines Saugzuggebläses.

Flow field in an inlet swirl Control device of a power plant


We provide:

  • Aerodynamic analysis of plants and flow Systems
  • Identify potential for improvement
  • Fluid engineering Solutions


2. Efficiency improvements & design optimization


Database of a parametric optimization with three objective functions from two aerodynamic operating points



Optimized stage geometry of a large industrial axial Ventilator


AeroDesignWorks has major experience in automated and parametric 3D-optimization of existing machines in the area of:

  • Thermal turbomachinery
  • Plant engineering
  • Blowers and ventilators
  • Wind turbines
  • Aerodynamic Systems


3. Conceptual & full engine design


New design of a three stage transonic axial-diagonal compressor with pressure ratio 6.2


New design and 3D-optimization of a high-enthalpy turbo-shaft engine turbine section


  • AeroDesignWorks enhances your product portfolio providing new turbomachinery solutions and components.
  • We use industry validated software tools covering the wide range from thermodynamics to unsteady 3D-CFD simulations


AeroDesignWorks would be delighted to be at your service.



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