29/02/2016: New product: DEM Simulation

Fluidization4 (00000002)

The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is a suitable tool to investigate granular flow behavior. This simulation technique is tracking the trajectory of each particle and collisions between particles and particle-wall contact is considered. With DEM, phenomena like the angle of repose formation of particulate flows or segregation due to a given particle size distribution can be modelled.

DEM simulations can be coupled to a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code to account for momentum, heat and also mass exchange between particles and the interstitial fluid. This coupled DEM-CFD approach allows the re-creation of e.g. pressure loss through a packed bed, fluidization or pneumatic transport of particles and cooling or drying of granular flows in computer simulations.


Simulation of bulk handling systems (mixing plants, silos, conveyor systems) in:

  • Iron- and Steel Industry
  • Brick Industry
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Cement / Limestone
  • Sand  / Gravel Quarry
  • Salt / Sugar Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Glass Industry